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  • Balti Chicken Tandoori
    £6.80 Balti Chicken Tandoori
    Balti is a type of Kashmiri Curry, originating centuries ago in the area known as Baltistan, now NorthPakistan. Balti cooking owes as much to China where it resembles the spicy cooking of Szechuan & Tibet,Popular with the...
  • Balti Fish
    £6.50 Balti Fish
  • Balti King Prawn
    £9.90 Balti King Prawn
  • Balti Mixed Special
    £8.40 Balti Mixed Special
  • Balti Prawns
    £6.20 Balti Prawns
  • Balti Rogan Chicken or Lamb
  • Balti Tikka Sag
    £6.40 Balti Tikka Sag