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House Specials

  • Begum Bahar
    £6.60 Begum Bahar
    Cooked with Minced Lamb
  • Butter Chicken
    £6.80 Butter Chicken
    Tandoori Chicken Cooked in a Rich Creamy Sauce
  • Kebab Khyberi
    £6.70 Kebab Khyberi
    A Speciality of the Khyber, Diced ChickenTikka & Lamb Kebab in Khyber Spices with Tomatoes, Capsicum, Coriander
  • Makani Chicken
    £6.80 Makani Chicken
    Mixed Spices Cooked in a Garlic Flavoured Creamy Sauce
  • Murag Shah Jahan
    £6.60 Murag Shah Jahan
    Chicken with Minced Lamb Cooked in a Mild Sauce With Boiled Egg
  • Silsila Chicken or Lamb Tikka
    £6.60 Choose Options Silsila Chicken or Lamb Tikka
    Cooked in Medium Spices with Fresh Garlic & Spinach
  • Special Ghatta Bhuna
    £6.80 Special Ghatta Bhuna
    Chicken, Lamb & Prawns Cooked with Mushrooms in Medium Spices