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  • Achari Chicken or Lamb
    £7.40 Choose Options Achari Chicken or Lamb
    Originating from Northern Bangladesh,Tender Diced Chicken or Lamb Marinated and Cooked in a Tantalising Mixed Pickle Masala laced with Green Chillies and Coriander
  • Arabian Chicken or Lamb
    £7.80 Choose Options Arabian Chicken or Lamb
    Lightly Spiced Sauce with a Variety of Fresh Herbs & Spices. A Minty Taste with a Touch of Fresh Coriander
  • Badami Special Chicken or Lamb
    £7.40 Choose Options Badami Special Chicken or Lamb
    This Unique Bangladeshi Dish Only reserved for that Special Occasion. Marinated Chicken or Lamb Cooked with a Variety of Spices along with Roasted Almonds and Raisins in a Medium Sauce
  • Shatkora Chicken or Lamb
    £7.40 Choose Options Shatkora Chicken or Lamb
    These Lightly Spiced Dishes are with the Shatkara Fruit from Sylhet Region of Bangladesh Giving a Unique Sour Flavour. These Dishes Reveal a True Taste of Bangladesh Cuisine
  • West Bar Tandoor Special
    £9.40 West Bar Tandoor Special
    A Dish Taken from the A la Carte Menu. One of the Most Popular Amongst our Clients, it Consists of Marinated Chicken, Lamb Tikka as well as Tender Tandoori Chicken Taken Off the Bone. Medium or Madras.